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The Songs of CS Taber

Original Classic Folk Rock Music

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Chucky Trading Co beats with the heart of Laurel Canyon, bringing timeless new folk-rock songs in a dynamic collaboration between songwriter CS Taber and producer Everett Young. The first CTC album contains 15 heartfelt songs that explore love, life, and human nature. From the opening riff of "Grace" through the rattlesnake tambourine shake of “Tumbleweeds”, Chucky Trading Co delivers soulful arrangements, magical hooks, and images that touch your core. 


Recent Reviews

[Your Freedom] starts with a solid 12-string tone and riff that immediately gets us thinking of Laurel Canyon, the Byrds and Dan Peek of America. It’s a waltz feel with a minimalist approach in the first verse - just guitar, bass and vocals. With the chorus, the drums drop in and the spectrum opens up. The hook and melody are quite strong - it’s a compelling line sung with a confident voice. Second verse follows the proper set-up of build and structure and C S displays a tenderness in his voice in one ascending line that isn’t heard in another part of the track. After the second verse and pre-chorus we get a quick 4 bar set up from some tasty, twisted blues riffs. We dig that - we love it when songs don’t follow today’s ridiculous format of ABABCA and try to cram everything into 3 minutes. If there’s room for an extra part - provided that it doesn’t make the song boastful - we support it, so to hear a little treat like that before the second chorus is a welcome gift in the midst of today’s highly commoditized songs.​

          -Taylor Williams, Phantom Power Music Blog

We searched and searched our minds for the best way to sum up this track and then looked at the notes from Chucky Trading Co; “It’s as if Jimi Hendrix sat in on a Byrds session.” Yes… that… exactly that! What a superb description from an artist that very clearly knows exactly what they’re trying to achieve.

          -Send Me Your Ears


Beginning with the slick acoustic guitar strokes in true Chucky Trading Co fashion is something that I always love! The tone of the guitar is second to none. As the bass elements are introduced along with the vocal performance, listeners are given a whole load of layers and tonation that fills the space of the song perfectly. I love the guitar riffs and the clarity in the mix. This is an all-around perfect follow-up release for Chucky Trading Co, one that any guitar lover is going to get super excited about due to the tones and skills of the acoustics and the high energy in the electric solos. "Your Freedom" is another absolutely SMASHING release for the group!

          -Tamara Jenna, TJPL News

Grace immediately catches your attention with a Spanish style intro, leading into a gorgeous swinging bassline. Even before the vocals join the mix, you are transported to a peaceful villa in Spain, sipping margaritas and enjoying the calming voice of CS Taber – a voice we’ve come to know and love over the past few months.

          -Send Me Your Ears

CS Taber has the capacity to steal hearts with his voice, stir emotions with his lyrics, and light up souls with his music. “Grace” is a song’s title and the feeling it spreads. It’s a song where CS Taber’s passionate songwriting and Everett Young’s well-crafted production combine to create a peaceful, amiable, and joyful atmosphere.

          -Rock Era Magazine

Fresh from the oven, the song opens with a string-led, cinematic intro that sets the stage for the song’s dramatic atmosphere even before any lyrics are sung. And once the vocal smoothly glides on, the full band of piano, drums, and fiddle join in on the fun, and everything is tied together into a euphoric flow. Interestingly, “Psychopath Cool” also experiments with more contemporary sounds and inventive arrangements while retaining the band’s classic folk-rock roots in the process.

          -Illustrate Magazine

The keen listener will feel a certain nostalgia when listening to ‘Grace’. You see, it is not only the lyrical theme, championing love and the turbulent feelings around it, but it’s also the memory of another era, a period of perhaps simpler storytelling and immediate artistic expression. Sonically, acoustic guitars are at home here, together with a charming and quirky banjo. The beautiful chorus gives the listener a certain relief, a resolution against the verse’s darker tones. Crowning this perfect musical background, we find CS Taber’s reminiscent vocals, capable of delivering a line with just the right intensity. 


I have mentioned in previous reviews that I may be a bit biased being a fan of Chucky Trading Co; however, the duo deserves each line of praise from curators across the globe. Following their toe-tapping track ‘What I Want’, ‘Psychopath Cool’ brings a folk-rock sound tinged with bluegrass and jazz. Combining piano, drums and interspersed bluegrass fiddle, ‘Psychopath Cool’ is also toe-tapping with an upbeat tone; however, the lyricism seems to be contrary to the sound. It is potentially this innovativeness and versatility that makes me love Chucky Trading Co.

          -Nicole Mendes, The Other Side Reviews

“What I Want” is a perfect example of what makes this band so special. It’s an easy-listening track that will instantly make you feel nostalgic—it’s perfect for those long drives home after a long day at work or school.

          -Willy Walker, PopHits

Following their single ‘Shadows’, Chucky Trading Co adopt an old-school folk sound in ‘What I Want’. Soothing and laidback, the track has some chilled out vibes in the melody. However, the incorporation of dynamic guitars and pound drums amidst the acoustic guitar arrangement brings a more rock-esque element. Slightly wistful with bold vocals to act as an anchor to the sonic whirlwind, ‘What I Want’ can have you losing your head in its charm.

          -Nicole Mendes, The Other Side Reviews

Pulling you in with its smooth groove and elegant instrumentation, the song has a pulsating charm from start to finish. The piano sounds effortlessly full and addictive from the opening bars. Accompanied by passionate vocals and a crooning violin that tugs your heartstrings, “Psychopath Cool” is sonically rich to a point you’ll never want the song to end.

While the musical backdrop and passionate performances are stunning, it’s the singles beautiful lyricism that really seals the deal. Heartfelt and balanced atop a vocal melody that sticks in your head, Chucky Trading Co have crafted the perfect blend of subtlety and emotional poetry.

          -Ciaran Coleman, Rising Artists Blog

Chucky Trading Co’s music is food for soul, creating new yet timeless folk rock tunes in collaboration with songwriter CS Taber and producer Everett Young. The entire production quality is excellent, ensuring that this music has a long life ahead of it. ‘What I Want’ has a flawless structure that you’ll want to listen to over and over since it flows as naturally as water. Chucky Trading Co will be known for its appealing lyrics and harmonies that pull on your heartstrings.

          -Red Rock Magazine

Within seconds of Psychopath Cool starting, we all said “oh yeah!” … almost in unison. The song starts with absolutely gorgeous mediaeval feeling guitars with some beautiful reverbs on. Just as we were melting into this, there’s the most divine cello solo that makes the track sound a little celtic.

After just shy of a minute of this beautiful instrumental, the full band sound kicks in with drums and a fiddle solo to die for.

This is fantastic genre crossing music, that effortlessly combines influences from bluegrass, country rock, folk and celtic music.

          -Send Me Your Ears

A moody and melancholic blend of folk music with a tinge of bluegrass and soul, Chucky Trading Co’s ‘Psychopath Cool’ is as melodramatic and touching as you can find. Loaded with an arrangement that starts painful and longing through magnificent string work in both the acoustic and more, it quickly steps into second gear with a fully fledged and holistic setting filling your ears with so much and such luscious quality of sound till you’re wholeheartedly immersed into the world being built and crafted around you.

          -Find No Enemy

With one of their recent efforts, they share the single “Shadows”, a dazzling country rock piece full of delicate writing backed up by an anthemic instrumental arrangement. Telling the story of a down-on-his luck Nashville star, it has all the stirring tendencies the duo have been known for, wrapped up in a memorable sound, showing once again that Chucky Trading Co are masters of the modern folk music style.

          -Plastic Magazine

Chucky Trading Co is a Manhattan based duo consisting of, singer and songwriter CS Taber, and producer Everett Young. The duo is fairly new to releasing music together but they have already shown a level of talent and artistic vision that many artists spend their entire career’s trying to obtain. The synergy that these two have when performing together is unmatched and can be felt deeply through their music. Up to this point, Chucky Trading Co has released eight singles, and has amassed over one thousand montly listeners on Spotify alone. With each release these two seem to gain more confident and more willing to push bondaries, making them a duo to watch very closly. We see very big things in Chucky Trading Co’s future and we are thrilled to feature them here.

          -Gifted Balance Records

In "What I Want" delightful acoustic chords backed by really clean production deliver an emotionally crushing love song a la Nick Cave. Haunting female refinements are amazing and amplify the , insane chemistry on this solitary duet that reaches epic notes and feelings! The glamorous production here is one of the best that rustic nostalgic american folk has to offer!

          -Pigeon Opinion

“What I Want” starts in a very folksy context, in an acoustic way, and as it progresses, it gains guitars and a more intense rhythm, making its arrangements even more well-off and adding some weight (with due proportions, of course). It is good to highlight the great solos, both guitar and acoustic guitar that illustrate the song with mastery.

The vocal work is also exquisite, showing a velvety voice of Chucky, who shows a lot of balance and interprets the song in an emotional way. The female 'backing vocals', in addition to further embellishing the track, take us directly to the 1960s sound. The icing on the cake is the catchy chorus, which immediately sticks in the mind.

          -Roadie Metal

Immersing us with a bold and glistening guitar-driven soundscape, we are already obsessed with What I Want, which opens with the romantic and assertive lyrics, “You just walked through the door like you knew a thing or two, you seem pretty damn sure that I’m still in love with you…”

The song expands to tell the story of a bitter breakup, and features an enigmatic and emotive power-pop soundscape that reminds us of The Beatles and The Beach Boys, but it is clear that Chucky Trading Co are creating a universe of their own.

          -Karli is My Uncle


If there was truly magic in the world, then Chucky Trading Co’s music would be where it existed. Fused with cosmic reflections and nature’s gaze, Chucky Trading Co’s music creates an intoxicating campfire vibe. Brilliant groove and rich soundscapes, his music is a sonic universe that you could fully immerse yourself into.

          -Katrina Yang, PunkHead

We are always excited to see Chucky Trading Co back at the top of our reviews pile. There’s something about Chucky Trading Co’s music that makes us smile and we’re always thrilled to hear their latest offering. Always different, but always instantly recognisable – the mark of a true artist. Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio, we’re listening today to the new single, Shadows, and we think you should too!

Shadows is a wonderful 6/8 folky feeling country ballad. It has a real storytelling feel to it, especially enhanced by the vocals of CS Taber. Shadows tells the story of a down-on-his-luck Nashville star. A tale of woe and despair. A story of someone who made it big, but is now seriously down on his luck.

          -Send Me Your Ears

Shadows: A deep song that touches the perfect notes to stir the strong emotions that sleep in your soul.

          -Edgar Allan Poets

With their single ‘Honey Bee’, Chucky Trading Co filled us with endless affection, before dropping us into the intimacy of ‘Sweet & Sour’. ‘In the Dark’ considers a more philosophical topic through its progressive yet classic rock tones. Looking at the limits of free will, the single swirls with questions that we can never really know the answer to, while continuing the duo’s heartfelt exploration of life.

Bringing the sounds of 80s power pop to their folk-rock foundations, they draw us into something that is both completely new and achingly familiar. If the layering of their last tracks had you enthralled, this single will cement their place in your heart. As they lead us down a path of philosophical musings, there is something truly authentic resting below the surface.

          -Claudia Mendes, The Other Side Reviews


We were absolutely thrilled to be asked to review Chucky Trading Co’s latest single, In the Dark, today. We previously reviewed the single, Tonight We Will Live Forever, and absolutely loved it.... We found all of our heads nodding throughout this classy classic rock anthem. Chucky Trading Co have managed to bring their extremely unique collection of sounds and influences into a scenario where everything feels familiar but incredibly fresh and new at the same time. What a talent! This song is our find of the day, and we can’t wait to hear what Chucky Trading Co do next!

          -Send Me Your Ears

Singer Chucky Trading Co has just released another amazing song, the songwriter who has been surprising more and more shines again with the track "In The Dark".

"In The Dark" starts with beats and 2 guitars, one doing a solo and the other on the base, very firm and powerful. Soon after, everything becomes smoother and Chucky's categorical voice enters, which is very reminiscent of the 80's, classic rock and still has elements of folk with the presence of the guitar. A sensational song, worthy of being a rock anthem, an electrifying chorus, a memorable work.

          -Victor Matheus of INDIECLOCK

Chucky Trading Co are your sure-fire hookup for timeless folk-rock! This dynamic duo of songwriter CS Taber and producer Everett Young bring classic singer-songwriter folk to its fulfilling conclusion. Their first album was released in December of 2021 and contains 15 solid tracks sure to cure your hunger for poetic and soulful folk rock, exploring a number of themes such as life, love and human nature.

Their release ‘Tonight We Will Live Forever’ doesn’t stray far from the comforting home constructed by their earlier releases, with the same charm and vulnerability that the tracks from the album have. With a stripped-back instrumental and sultry, silky vocals, ‘Tonight We Will Live Forever’ captures a feeling best described by that universal experience of watching a sunset knowing that though it’s fleeting, this image will remain with you for as long as you’re permitted to carry it. That whole essence is what listening to this song feels like: the warmth of the setting sun contrasted with the cold of night, much like how the disjointed vocal cadence implemented in this song contrasts the sustained strings sections. 

This song is a beautiful example of songwriting and production complementing each other in a great harmonious balance.


Manhattan-based artist Chucky Trading Co has released the superb single ‘In the Dark’ in March 2022. It is a folk-rock release filled with a lot of heart. A full band opens the release with bright electric guitars which have been mixed to either side of the sonic spectrum. As the vocals enter, they take the reins of the song. We adore the lyrics, which are relatable and compelling.


Setting the tone with a classically strummed acoustic guitar and evocative melodies, Chucky Trading Co dedicate their latest release Tonight We Will Live Forever to renewed love and the immortality of the first night together.

You always remember the night you first met someone, and fell in love and reliving that with your partner can be so exiting and that is exactly what Chucky Trading Co has released to the world in this ode to human connection.

We love the string textures fused with the guitars and the new folk-rock frequency that Chucky Trading Co is emitting with their art.



Chucky Trading Co bring an Americana/folk sound to the blues genre on Margarita, a song that has an interesting, almost Latin style rhythm to it, making it sound very upbeat. The mix of different styles here makes the music seen very innovative, making you want to dance along in time to the track. The little guitar melodies in the background add most of the bluesy feeling, with the minimalist guitar style adding a certain something to it.

          -York Calling


The brilliant Chucky Tranding Co is back with their new single, Magarita a dynamic and electrifying rock.

With a striking guitar and a lively rhythm, the musician's new single is a real rock. Packed by an intense guitar and loaded with creativity in the resulting sound montage, Margarita is fun and well-constructed, with lyrics that draw attention.

          -Tati Teixeira, in!

Is it possible that a song can change your whole day, a situation and even mark your life?

If it's the case of Tonight We Will Live Forever, Chucky Trading Co's newly released single, the answer is more than affirmative.

The voice lines of this track are so impressive because of their softness, intensity and melody that enchant us in each of the moments when we hear the poetry sung so deeply and full of inspiration.

          -Roadie Music

Easily described as a ballad, ‘Sweet & Sour’ uses different layers and textures to achieve an almost palpable intimacy in the delicate tune. Like moonlight hitting the surface of a glassy lake, the dulcet vocals imprint a fragile beauty on the soundscape. While there is a minimalist nature to the track enhancing its melodic poignancy, the sentimentality wraps you in a multi-coloured blanket of sound.

          -Nicole Mendes, The Other Side Reviews


On top of giving those Laurel Canyon vibes, “Peace With The Devil” was highly cinematic. Rightfully compared to celebrated series like ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Yellowstone,’ this track painted a clear picture of the tale of an outlaw, or at least someone who lived on the outside of the expected. All of that said, there was something very modern about this track that made my mind also wander to current soundtracks in Quentin Tarantino movies because musically, this song has a lot of sensual movement to the way it’s delivered. 

          -Kendra Beltran, Rising Artists


‘Peace With the Devil’ is one of those tracks, you certainly won’t want to miss out on, making you want to keep listening till the very moment it ends. It’s such an impressive track, one that you definitely will want to listen to on repeat. It has this really relaxing essence to it and it’s not too in your face, a slow pace and keeping that volume to a minimum. Definitely, be sure to check this track out, if you haven’t already.

          -Strike a Note

'Honey Bee’ effortlessly pulls you in through the opening that brings a touch of quirkiness to an Americana classic rock tone. You can feel the warm air on your skin through the music while the drums get your foot tapping to the beat. There is no way you can listen to this melody and not get hopelessly lost in the movement. While you are riding the warm air currents, the vocals create the soft cloud that you rest on as you float to the music.

          -The Other Side Reviews

'Peace With The Devil' is the name of a new single from the American music project Chucky Trading Co. Their debut album was released recently and presented an amazing collection of country and folk rock songs.

'Peace With The Devil' is one of them and this song deserves special attention of music lovers. It's all about the incredible harmony of the musical arrangement of the composition presented in this song. The pleasant timbre of the vocals tells its heartfelt story, sharing deep life secrets.  


There are artists who make a sound so good to listen to that it's hard not to fall in love with their music. And in this case Chucky Trading Co with his new single “Sweet & Sour” achieves this feat. The song is infinitely beautiful and leaves the listener completely mesmerized by it. It is light, delicate and stunningly beautiful work. It's impossible not to go on a sound journey with the atmosphere that we find in each note played. Everything was brilliantly and spectacularly made and produced to win us over.

          -Milena silent, Roadie-Music


CS Taber and producer Everett Young have teamed together to form Chucky Trading Co, a dynamic duo. The same is mirrored in the record. We definitely hear tremendous beauty in the writing, and also some incredibly well-considered arrangement ideas. The arrangement only serves to successfully elevate the performance’s emotion further, and it never disrupted the singers’ rhythm. In addition to that, there is a flash of beauty in the outro. The way the song fades out is without a doubt my favourite part of the piece. The section emphatically concludes the song’s journey, bringing the mood to a euphoric conclusion. The guitars are likewise kept as natural as possible, with nothing too processed or distorted. The mix empowered the structure to sound realistic, which may be a tempting feature for listeners. I had a wonderful time listening to the song.​

          -Sinusoidal Music

Folk songs will always hold a special place in our hearts, but few of them warm our souls and send good vibes like today’s new single. “Sweet & Sour“, the most recent release by collaborating duo Chucky Trading Co, is sweeter than a sour tune that’s ready to lift you up as soon as you hit that play button.

We as artists sometimes write songs for hypothetical, fictional persons, sometimes maybe even a hypothetical lover. The risk here is when your actual, non-fictional lover listens to such a song for the first time. Things could go south really quickly! “Sweet & Sour” is about the emotions that follow and the love that persists.

          -Less than 1000 Followers


You’ll notice how the big names such as Roy Orbison, Morrissey, Beach Boys, The Smiths, or Dire Straits influenced Chucky Trading Co. to write and compose this ear-appealing song. Honey Bee possesses all the qualities of the best blues-rock, indie rock, and classic rock sound, but it also carries an Americana/folk ambiance that will melt your heart.

          -Thoughts, Words, Action

The sound of this artist winks at a way of making music from the past.

          -Edgar Allen Poets

Chucky Trading Co is a collective I’m truly grateful for. Their single is Honey Bee, an innocent, beautiful song with some great elements. If you’ve watched Jakob Dylan chase the nostalgia in Echoes in the Canyon on Netflix, you know how important the Laurel Canyon was for folk rock. Some of the most important names from Dylan to The Byrds and Beach Boys came from that movement. And yes, Tom Petty as well. Reviving that same magic with some great chord progressions, CS Taber & Everett Young give you a nostalgia ride but with their own sprinkle of fairy dust. The lyrics have to be heard to be appreciated.

          -Sinusoidal Music

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